Sihua Qian

Origin: China

Sihua joins STONE TO ART 2020 from his home in China with over 33 years of experience, installing 60 sculptures around the world. Sihua graduated from Tsinghua University’s Academy of Art and Design in 1987.

His awards include First Prize of International Sculpture Bienal Chaco (Argentina), an Olympic Rings Award for his piece at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and a Bronze Medal at the National Fine Art Exhibition in China.

Sihua describes stone as the oldest spiritual artifact known to mankind with humans finding pleasure from carving stone that was formed in ancient times. He finds joy in controlling the stone, creating illusions with the light and shadow and the sense of accomplishment found when a work is taking place.


Renate Verbrugge

Origin: Belgium/New Zealand

Renate moved to New Zealand from her native Belgium in 1995 and in 1999 was introduced to stone sculpting by a local Master Sculpture Filipe Tohi.

Now with over 20 years experience, Renate has participated in over 50 symposiums worldwide and was a founding member of the Te Kupenga Stone Sculpture Symposium in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

She describes her work as having two definitive styles, her smaller work being of ‘chubby’ female nudes, while her monumental work is abstract with a tendency to create something that people want to touch. Something that is soft and tactile, created from the hard stone material.


Hitoshi Tanaka

Origin: Japan

Hitoshi Tanaka was born in Miyazaki, Japan which is a small coastal town. His father owned a stone shop that predominantly made gravestones.

While stone was familiar to Hitoshi, it wasn’t until the age of 40 that he took up stone sculpting with his studio located in the Angelus Forest which is a rich and inspiring environment.

Hitoshi has participated in over 30 international stone symposiums and has installed works on multiple continents


Dumitru Ion Serban

Origin: Italy/Romania

Dumitru-Ion Serban was born in Bucharest on the mid-autumn day of San Dumitru, named after the Greek Orthodox Saint who is also the Patron Saint of Bucharest.

At the age of 12 Dumitru began finding stone and taking it back to his home via wheelbarrow to create rough pieces of art, many of which his mother would return to the garden. After completing formalised study in Art he moved to Italy.

Now with over 45 years of experience, Dumitru still finds the change in form the highlight of his sculpting.


Shu Wei Chang

Origin: Taiwan

With over 20 years of experience, Shu Wei Chang hails from Taiwan and finds inspiration in the varied appearance and texture of stone.

During his creative process, Shu Wei simplifies the chaos to seek the fundamental appearance of stone and the truth it hides.

In his work, he tries to find flow in the stone to bring the infinite possibilities to life.


Jina Lee

Origin: South Korea/Western Australia

Jina Lee is the founder of the Western Australia International Stone Sculpture Symposium and has working with stone since 2003.

Born in South Korea, Jina studied Traditional Korean Sculpture before earning a Masters in Fine Arts in 2009. Jina has been working at the J Shed art studios in Fremantle since 2013.

Jina has participated in several sculpture symposiums/exhibitions and installed her work around the world. Her inspiration comes from the observation of nature and the history of the earth that the stone carries. Using natural forms as a basis for her sculptures, Jina focuses on carving organic shapes into stone.

Workshop Artist-In-Residence


Victor Eszenyi

 Victor Eszenyi is a passionate advocate for sculpture, particularly the historical nuanced process of hammer and chisel stone carving.

He has exhibited sculpture at Gomboc Gallery, Swan Valley and Stafford Studios and holds a Diploma in Sculpting and Restoration.  

Viktor's enthusiasm for the medium will create a great environment for new students to create a beautiful custom piece for their home or garden, a perfect artist-in-residence for the Stone to Art 2020 Workshops.